Why Ace?
Why enroll in a professional truck driving school?
Some trucking companies offer company training but you must sign a contract to work for the company for one or more years.  You will be charged for your total tuition if you do not complete your contract.  This can be very expensive or create problems with your credit history.  Ace allows you the freedom to choose from one of the many trucking companies that we continually work with or you may choose an employer of your choice.  We will assist you in landing the job of your dreams...there are many local and over the road companies from which to choose while you are still in training.
Why leave home? 
All training is done right here in Byram, Mississippi!  You will be able to be at home on weekends to take care of your personal business and see your family. 
Can I do this?
When you graduate from Ace Training Center, you will have the ability to pass any trucking company's skill test and earn the driving job with the company that you desire.  Ace will give you the skills, confidence, and comfort levels that you need to increase your earning potential.  After all, we have a 98% completion rate!
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“When my job of eight years ended unexpectedly, I knew I had to change careers to be able to support my family's needs.  Ace made it easier to make the transition to my new career.  They not only trained me, but helped me find a job almost immediately. I’m so grateful for their attention to detail. Thank you.”

James Johnson
Greenwood, MS

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